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Made from real lime juice and oils, this wedge replacement can be used to enhance the flavor of seltzer, water, tea, and recipes. Each True Lime crystallized packet equals the taste of one lime wedge, and is made with only three ingredients.

True Citrus

Baltimore, Maryland founded in 2003

The mission at True Citrus is to help you Live True. Their refreshing and delicious products are made with simple and clean ingredients that support your healthy lifestyle. As part of Joyride’s Be Your Own Barista program, we’re offering True Citrus packets, to add a spark of flavor to any drink - especially Sustainable Seltzer! The current flavors offered at Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit, which are all zero calorie additives made from crystalized citrus, so each packet equals the flavor punch of approximately one wedge. True Citrus products are the easiest way to add real, fresh squeezed taste to your water and recipes without piling on the sugar and salt. Our True Citrus products contain no additives or preservatives, to bring you clean, Non-GMO and Vegan options to your beverages, every day!