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This sweetener delivers the simple, clean flavor of pure cane sugar. GMO-free with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. NOTE: This item is best when used with pump (purchased separately).


South San Francisco, California founded in 1925

Torani’s purpose is “Flavor for all, Opportunity for all,” meaning that they believe every single bottle of Torani carries two promises: Each bottle promises amazing flavor for your creative beverages, from a classic vanilla latte to a bold, unexpected cocktail. Their flavors can be used however you choose. Liven up a coffee, add pizzazz to a seltzer, or put more oomph in your iced tea. There’s no wrong way to go about it. Offering flavors for every moment, you can flavor your way, no matter where life takes you. Each bottle also promises Torani’s dedication to help all the people, partners, and communities that they touch thrive. Torani believes that everything starts with people and that businesses can, and should, create more opportunities for people. Joyride now offers Torani as part of our exclusive Be Your Own Barista program, you can truly craft your morning coffee or tea to perfection.