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Stumptown’s flagship espresso, Hair Bender was the first blend that founder Duane Sorenson introduced to the world. Sweet and balanced, it incorporates three regions – from Indonesia’s rich textures to the classic flavors of Latin America and Africa.

Flavor Profile

Light Roast
Dark Roast
Full Bodied
Tasting Notes
Citrus, Dark Chocolate

Stumptown Coffee

Portland, OR; Red Hook, NY; Los Angeles, CA founded in 1999

As one of the pioneers of the third wave coffee movement, Stumptown and founder Duane Sorenson first opened their doors in 1999. As one of the original roasters to employ direct trade practices, he pushed the envelope by focusing on lighter roasts that accentuated the natural complexity and flavor profile of the beans they worked so hard to source. Today, with a cadre of in-house green-bean buyers, Stumptown continues to maintain direct relationships with farmers in all growing regions, constantly striving to identify beans that yield the best cup. Year over year, they educate in the best practices of growing, harvesting, washing and storing, constantly improving the quality of both their brews. For Joyride, Stumptown's Red Hook Roastery supplies all the beans for New York and Boston on an antique Probat roaster under the careful hand of a highly-trained roasting team. In California, beans come from Stumptown's main Portland Roastery. Joyride carries a full line of blends, as well as a rotation of single origin options, all of which are designed to make fantastic cold brew office coffee.