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Stash Tea

Portland, OR founded in 1972

Founded in 1972, Stash Tea is brought to life by two self-proclaimed hippies in Portland, Oregon seeking the taste of a “tea euphoria.” As a certified B-Corp, they partner only with farmers and suppliers who also believe in “doing it right” – which to them means more than just creating great tea. Ultimately, Stash seeks to source the best ingredients with both the end drinker and the planet in mind. To Stash, tea is an opportunity: To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. With a diverse range of bold flavors and bright colors. They believe that even “normal” flavors have some kind of weird or wonderful twist. Stash proudly proclaims that “Stash isn’t a bag of tea. It’s a little bag of crazy. And it’s about time we show it.”