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Grady’s Cold Brew is a New Orleans–style coffee brewed and hand-made in Brooklyn, NY. Reinforced with chicory to impart deep, oaky notes, it carries a bold, velvety texture versatile enough to cut through milk, or be served straight up over ice.

Flavor Profile

Light Roast
Dark Roast
Full Bodied
Tasting Notes
Chicory, Oak, Molasses

Grady's Cold Brew

Bronx, NY founded in 2012

Grady’s Cold brew is a New Orleans–style cold brew coffee. The brewmasters at Grady's brew a special blend of coffee, chicory, and spices for 20 hours, resulting in a velvety smooth cup with every pour. Grady’s uses some of the finest specialty coffee available - All coffee is traceable back to the farm where it's grown, through the Direct Trade sourcing standards and practices. This allows for the coffee to be produced as well as it can be, bought responsibly, and roasted carefully. Simply put, they brew with the best possible coffee – grown in incredibly fertile, volcanic soil. The result – Grady’s NOLA Cold Brew has a creamy mouthfeel with tasting notes of chocolate and caramel. The use of chicory in the brewing process is what makes the coffee NOLA style and gives it a natural, subtle sweetness. Adding their signature blend of spices emboldens and deepens the flavor profile where many other cold brews fall flat. Fast-forward to today, the Grady’s Gang cold brews in a 15,000 sq. ft. brewery in the Bronx. It’s a wonderland of stainless steel tanks and machinery that will allow the company to maintain premium quality, while growing in volume. Joyride is proud to have Grady's as part of the Craft on Draft family, as the exclusive supplier of Grady's on tap to offices and cafes nationwide.