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Sourced from small farms ranging in altitudes between 3,900 - 6,200 feet, George Howell’s Tarrazu offers the taste of a prime Costa Rican terroir ideally situated on sunny, Pacific-facing slopes. Detect notes of almond nougat and peach in every cup.

Flavor Profile

Light Roast
Dark Roast
Full Bodied
Tasting Notes
Nougat, Milk Chocolate, Peach

George Howell Coffee

Acton, MA founded in 2004

George Howell Coffee’s mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth, encouraging people to join in their quest for the ultimate cup. After receiving the Special Coffee Association of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award and selling his first chain, The Coffee Connection, to Starbucks, George Howell created his namesake coffee company, focused on exquisitely sourced and roasted beans. Among the pantheon of coffee icons, George Howell is truly a force to be reckoned with, as he continuously seeks out farms with growers who share the same drive and dedication for their craft. George himself continues to travel to source to not only see the process first hand, but to establish and maintain some of the strongest relationships in the industry. Joyride is proud to offer George Howell’s coffees to our office customers, and to produce George Howell Cold Brew Coffee, distributed in the greater Boston area.